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CES Touch v10.0.078 Released

Great news for CES EPoS users as the latest version 10.0.078 has just been released and includes the following additions and fixes:

JR03055 - Newsround payment crash fixed when a long comment was stored against the account the payment was being taken for.  
JR03058 - Ticknovate integration updated to handle taking multiple bookings on the same transaction. 
JR03059 - Account payment screen will now allow a part payment on a selected invoice. 
JR03060 - Touch.ini setting added KVSCHARGESHEETBEFORESTUB=YES used to override the stub ticket number on the KVS screen for charge sheet orders. 
JR03064 - Recipe editing updated to ensure the focus stays on the product being edited when updating the unit of sale.
JR03065 - Back office Product Sales by Price Level report filter options updated to go to price level 20. 
JR03066 - Crash fixed in sales mode if selling a recipe package that contains another package, a warning message will now show giving details of the other package. 
JR03070 - New back office setting 'Payment Sense Print Merchant Copy on POS Printer' set to NO to turn off printing the merchant copy on the POS printer. 
JR03071 - Back office 'Account Invoice VAT Details' report updated to populate the VAT amount for each invoice using the transaction reference. 
JR03073 - Customer price level offset prices will now update when swiping a customer card to open the customer using the L,SSSSSS settings. 
JR03074 - Button commands DISABLE P/C and Enable P/C to disable and enable price shifts now update the back office setting to disable price shifts. 
JR03079 - Date last received field in the product maintenance screen updated to populate the date from the stock file for the default branch. 
JR03082 - Error fixed when completing transactions using the loyalty redeem tender when the JSM Bars integration is in use. 
JR03083 - Error fixed when pressing the accept button in the Flipdish orders screen if a timeout occurs, a warning message is now displayed saying please try again. 

To update your system, head over to the Manager/Functions screen on your till and press the 'Check For Updates' button and simply follow the on-screen instructions.

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