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CE Approved Replacement Asus Laptop Adapter 19v 2.37A 3.0x1.1mm

This product fulfils the need of the original specifications. Asus laptop charger is made with the help of top quality materials, which provided a high quality of safety, reliability, adaptability and dependability

•             The product fulfils the requirements of original requirements

•             Original Manufacturing compatibility is 100%

•             Input Voltage and process of shut down slow process

•             Give limitation output of the overvoltage.

•             Control the flow of current.

•             Shut down in internal over temperature

•             Automatically reset in the case of a shutdown

•             Give protection concerning humidity and moisture

Save your notebook against electric threats

•             give internal power battery of your computer and charge when you are travelling

•             case remain unaffected even in the harsh mobile environment

•             specially designed to filter line voltage spikes

•             built in to surpass the output power of the Notebook AC adapter.

•             Protect against short circuit, over-voltage, overload.

ANG Laptop Charger (Asus/Small)

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