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A true multi-purpose device as it can be used as both a handheld waiter pad or even as a fully functional till using Loyverse!


A bright high resolution 5.5" touch screen display makes using your software a delight. the built-in 58mm receipt printer can be used to instantly present your customer with a bill or receipt without having to go back and forth to the till.


It can also be used for barcode and QR code scanning using the 5MP camera on the back of the device.


A large battery means that is can be used for hours between charges, and the included charging cradle means no wear and tear to the standard charging port.


We have tested this device with Loyverse and it works brilliantly. If you would like any other software tested on this hardware just email and our support team can test the hardware functionality with any software you require.

ES i100 Handheld Orderpad

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