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This magnetic wireless fast charger with USB Type-C® connector allows convenient, super fast charging of iPhone and other smartphone models. Compatible with MagSafe and other inductive charging technologies. With the magnetic ring, the charger adheres perfectly to the back of iPhone 12- iPhone 13 series, delivering optimal charging. The wireless pad works with all original Apple MagSafe cases and Vivanco MagHype, MagClassic and MagSteady protective cases. For optimal operation, we recommend a power supply with power delivery and 20W power.


-Input: 5.0V, 3.0A, max. 15.0W, 9.0V, 2.22A, max. 20.0W, 12.0V, 1.5A, max. 18.0W

-Output: 5.0A / 7.5W / 10.0W / 15.5W

-Cable length: 1.0m

Vivanco Magsafe Fast Charger Cable

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