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Steve Gibbon

Managing Director (The Boss)

Steve had a dream to create a new type of I.T. services business. A central hub where everyone in the community could come to for advice and help, individuals and businesses all being guided through their technology journey as equals. And if he could get filthy rich in the process then so be it.

With over 16 years of experience in the EPoS industry, having pioneered EPoS services and products for other companies before deciding to 'go it alone', and almost a lifetime of computing experience dating back to his first Commodore 64 back in 1984. Steve combines with personal passion for technology with his career to provide a unique fountain of knowledge for both customers and the rest of our team.


Ruth Gibbon

General Manager (The Boss's Wife)

Every good leader needs a partner to balance them out, and nobody else in the company has the authority to say "No Steve, you can't buy another new MacBook" and stop him from turning the business into his own personal play centre. 

Other than living and working with Steve every day and managing to not kill him. Ruth is our freindly face of customer service making sure that everyone leaves with a smile. She's also a pro at repairing phone screens with an unmatched attention to detail.


Tony Hooper

I.T. Technician

If you need gadgets to talk to each other, Tony is your man. With an expertise in all things computing spanning right back to the days of DOS, Tony is the only known human that can network his laptop to his toaster and use it to browse the internet. Tony is our 'go to' when we need 'the things to talk properly to the other things'.

Favourite Operating System: Windows 98

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