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CES Touch v11.0.0.9 Released

Great news for CES EPoS users as the latest version has just been released and includes the following additions and fixes ( also included as it was released a few days ago):

11.0.009 (01/12/2023)

JR03295 - Option added to the back office email settings for the End of Day A4 Document, if enabled the document will automatically get emailed when the EOD is run. 
JR03311 - Label printing issue fixed where selected products were not adding the the grid. 
JR03312 - Additonal update made to the fix for the rounding issue calculating discount on scale items.  
JR03313 - Verifone Engage Bridge 3 second countdown timer when pressing cancel has been re-enabled. 
JR03314 - Stock adjustments import from handheld function updated to be able to use alt PLU's.
JR03316 - Touch.ini setting added DALLASKEYBAUDRATE=XXXXXX Set to 115200 for the Langleys E200 terminals. 
JR03316 - Touch.ini setting E200DALLASKEY=16 is also required for the serial dallas key reader on the Langleys E200 terminals 

11.0.008 (27/11/2023)

JR01855 - Complete rewrite of the seats function more info here
JR01855 - Back office setting added 'Print seat Numbers on Remote' this enables the new seats functionality and prints seat numbers on kitchen tickets. 
JR01855 - New button command SEATNUMBERS opens a screen to show the current items being added to an order with option to change seat on items. 
JR02940 - Receipt consolidation updated to consolidate matching items with different condiments E.G Steak Rare and Steak Well Done. 
JR03280 - Product labels updated to be able to print the supplier code. 
JR03284 - Issue fixed when adding alt PLU's in the product maintenance screen.
JR03284 - Check added to remove invalid alt PLU's that are not linked to a master PLU when the product maintenance screen opens. 
JR03285 - Freetext and other forms that use an OSK updated to make the buttons more responsive. 
JR03286 - Rounding issue fixed calculating discount on scale items where 100% discount could result in the discounted price changing to -0.01.
JR03287 - Items with mix and match offers applied will now show in orange in the *CHARGE/V screen and Split Bill the same as they do in sales mode. 
JR03288 - Crash fixed pressing clear in the tender screen after taking a part payment using an EFT tender. 
JR03289 - Payment Sense app updated for the PS v2 platform to stop sending the transaction amount when requesting contactless customer receipts.
JR03290 - Price shift issue fixed when the same product was sold on a different price level making the first item pick up the second items price. 
JR03291 - New option added to call the Intelliapp Immediate system if enabled to push updates to Intelligence when save is pressed in the product maintenance screen.  
JR03292 - Goods in will now display retail price updates stored in the inwards table and will not reload the current retail price when opening a saved goods in. 
JR03293 - Issue fixed that removed a new price level if editing a second time and pressing cancel before save has been pressed on the main product maintenance screen. 
JR03294 - Warning message added to the product maintenance screen if cancel is pressed when creating a new product. 
JR03296 - Back office setting 'Sort Remote Output By' has a new option to sort by Course. 
JR03297 - Course setting added to departments that can be used for sorting remote printing by course.
JR03298 - Button command added X*COURSE used for changing the course on the last item added to the order E.G. change Starter to Main. 
JR03299 - Error catch put in place on the Verifone Engage integration for when the terminal is not responding as expected. 
JR03301 - Error fixed printing remote tickets when using the 'Which PLU will cut the Slip on Remote Print outs?'setting and duplicate settings removed. 
JR03302 - Function to automatically remove products from the stock archive for products that are in the main stock file will now only run on the master terminal. 
JR03303 - Sign on function will now complete account transactions if Touch has exited after printing the A4 account documents. 
JR03304 - Skoop Gift Card tender setting has been moved to a back office setting and the tick box setting has been removed from the tenders setting. 
JR03305 - Update made to the product maintenance screen when deleting a price level to also delete any alt PLU's linked to the price level being deleted. 
JR03306 - Price changes will now update alt PLU's with a price stored in the NPRICE field if the alt PLU is linked to the price level being changed. 
JR03307 - Back office Database utility to remove invalid alt PLU's updated to remove any if the master PLU or price level it's linked to does not exist. 
JR03308 - PLU filter added to the back office Stock Locations Transfer report.  
JR03309 - Account code stored in the sales data when sign off is used will now get reset if the remove customer function is used. 
JR03310 - Mix and match issue fixed where the offer would drop if stored on a charge sheet and opened on a different terminal. 
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