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EposNow 2.134 has been released

For users of our EposNow based systems. The latest version 2.134 is now being rolled out and your machines should auto-update within the next 24 hours.

Here is a summary of what's new...

We are excited to announce two new Till theme colours.

Till themes allow you to change the appearance of your screen from classic to light or dark mode.

As this is a beta feature, merchants will be able to try it by enabling it in Epos Now Labs. Epos Now Labs serves as a place where we allow our merchants to try the latest features before we officially release them.

Want to give this feature a try? Go to:

  1. Download Epos Now Labs from the Back Office App Store

  2. Once installed, scroll down to “Till Themes (beta)" and enable it

  3. Carry out a cloud sync (or go to your front Till)

  4. Once completed, you will be presented with a theme selector

To change to another Till theme go to Till settings > appearance tab.

NEW: Create pre-set tip values

This new feature gives the ability to enable pre-set tipping values and choose the values that are displayed on your card machine. Choose whether you want to display a preset numerical value or percentage of the total bill. In addition, there is also an option to add the possibility for the customer to insert a value of choice.

FEATURE ENHANCEMENT: Merchant and customer receipts added to Epos Now Payment settings

The setting to enable and disable customer / merchant copy receipts has been added to the Epos Now Payments front Till settings. Related receipt settings have also seen a minor naming and description change, as well as a UI change (see image). These settings can now be found in Till > Settings > Payments.


  • Fixed issue preventing label printers working with the (Duo) Countertop range

  • Fixed issues preventing label printers working with the new (Duo) Countertop

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