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ICR TouchPoint 76.15 is released

Great news for users of our ICR based EPoS solutions. The latest version of TouchPoint has just arrived and is ready to update using the built in online updater.

As always, if you have multiple till points, make sure you update all of them before using them in a live environment.

TouchPoint 2022 : v76.15 - 05/01/2023

To apply this update using the online Updater Go to PGM5 | Check for Update | Press Enter Please note: If you are using a TouchPoint perpetual licence, then it must have a licence number higher than 115,000 to update to TouchPoint 2022. Any active TouchPoint Rental licence can be updated to this version.


FS9385 Etal has more access to some of the extra fields sent from a TTA sale

FS9391 KP Controller folder is now created when KPC initialises, not when the first ticket is created

FS9419 Potential stability improvements

The change to the max size of the customer file in 76.13 has resulted in a change to the layout of the check index file

If you mix new and old versions on a network you will experience issues floating sales and opening/storing checks.

If you extend the size of the customer file past 800 and then downgrade to an older version TouchPoint will be unable to load, the file size should be reduced before the downgrade.

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